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Appendix02 protocol(协议)2

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   According to the novel,‘protocol’ can be divided into two kinds of interreference. But one protocol can produce two kinds of interreference simultaneously because of the attributes of the physical universe.

   In order to give a clear explain on first kind of interreference, it is important to cite a concept----relativity----which was produced by a great scientist Albert Einstein. In the 1900s, he came out a paper :”A Fundamental Consideration on The Postulate of Relativity” in which he came up with a theory :time is associated with space. Because of his theory, our world and knowledge have been widely expended……

   Let us go back to this novel. According to the relativity, time is an efficiency of movement which need mass and energy. As you recognize the equation of Energy equals Mass multiply the square of the Speed of Light (E = MC2), there will be the first kind of interreference called Interreference of Energy and Mass. It is clear that this kind of protocol can change the physical statement of the mass and energy. Teleport is the best example to explain it. Apart from it, Motivation by protocol also can be an apparent phenomenon. For inferior protocol, it can offer user or his things a limited movement or acceleration. Maybe one can throw a rock like a missile. It is really fantastic almost every fiction novel owns it. But I have to say, it just a inferior protocol which is the bottom of power level.

   In order to understand the junior protocol, you have to own some necessary knowledge about molecule, VDW(Van der Waals’force) and covalent bond. And then, I will tell you the junior protocol is a kind of interreference which can break the bond among molecules even the covalent bond. That is to say, the junior protocol can change a material into others even create the plasma. So the Silva’s uniform called nanofiber suit can offer the weapon----PPP(plasma pulsation polymer)---- which show a blade of light. As we know, the hydrogen is kind of molecule which owns two protons. Then you can imagine the junior protocol will resolve the hydrogen into protons. And then using the junior protocol to accelerate those protons can be another weapon in the novel ---- impact of high energy protons----which can trigger the strong nuclear reaction. That is why the archangel BW02-001 tell Miao-Burrichter-Ulysses that its weapon----the trial of heaven---can ruin the quarter of the mainland.

   Then let us come up to the senior protocol, the power which derives from the most powerful creatures----‘god’. When the senior protocol take place, the power can even break the bonds inside the molecule which means it doesn’t need complex process to trigger the strong nuclear reaction. What is more. The senior protocol can just switch mass into energy or the contrary. That is to say, the senior protocol can trigger black hole through the mass and energy exchange. So you will know the senior protocol can be really dangerous to the universe. That is why there exists a system to manage protocol, the member of which originally are ‘god’s.

   You might think all of those are really fantastic. But I have to say, it is just the first kind of interreference.

   Now let’s begin with another kind of interreference which can influence the spirit, consciousness and recognition.

   Compare to the first kind, this kind can be easy to understand. For example, the inferior protocol can give some creature a kind of emotion such as happiness, sorrow and fear. It just a kind of slight impact.

   Then things have changed in the junior protocol. The junior protocol can change someone’s memories and create a fake consciousness which mean one can regard his enemy as his eternal lover through protocol. But the duration is limited up to one’s power. That is why Phantom can change someone’s memory. Also through the junior protocol, one can read other creatures’ memories and thoughts but the distance is limited.

   Finally, the senior protocol, a kind of interreference will dominate other normal creatures completely, derives from ‘god’ which is perfect illustrating the meaning of god. So I don’t want to waste words to explain this.

   If you have patience to read all of the appendix, then you will find out this novel is really interesting!





  让我们回到这部小说。根据相对论,时间是运动的效应,它需要质量和能量。当你知道能量等于质量乘以光速的平方(E = MC2)时,就会有第一种相互干涉,叫做能量和质量的相互干涉。很明显,这种协议可以改变质量和能量的物理状态。传送是最好的例子来解释它。除此之外,协议运动也是一种明显的现象。对于较差的协议,它可以给使用者或他的东西一个有限的移动或加速,也许可以像导弹一样扔石头。它真的很神奇,几乎每一部小说都有。但我不得不说,它只是一个低级的协议,是底层的级别。